05 November 2009

Vi Veri Time2Movesum Vivus Vici

Evey: "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"
V: "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."
Evey: Personal motto?
V: From "Faust".
Evey: That's about trying to cheat the devil, isn't it?
V: It is. 

It may have required COUNTLESS phone calls (on my dime) to over four separate estate agents at time2move, threats of legal action (both from myself and my father), I may have been lied to several times a day - directly to my face, it may have caused me to tear my hair in rage and become so jaded to humanity that the simple action of someone calling me back when they said they would now makes me esteem them as a saint, but our long national nightmare is over. The wardrobe that was contractually promised to be installed in the flat before I arrived has, only 31 days late(!), arrived! Kaloo-kalay!

It's amazing what daily phone calling, harassing in person at the various offices, pitting the landlady against the agents, pitting the agents against each other, and a threat of legal action can do, eh?

It's a bit wobbly (I had to put some extra bathroom laminate flooring underneath the front wheels to keep it from constantly falling down on top of me) and not actually as wide as the hangers I have (so the doors don't close all the way shut), but my clothes are no longer cluttered on the floor and I can finally stop having to call time2move everyday! I hardly know what to do with myself - now who I am going to get to lie to me everyday? ;)

Look at that nice clean floor...

but... where's the wardrobe??...


Awww... there it is... :)
(It's at an angle against the corner - I hate when these things sit flat against the wall, but I couldn't have it angled against the *other* wall (ie next to the window), or 1/2 of the power outlets in the room would be covered up, and I have to blowdry my hair in here, since there aren't any plugs in the bathroom - yes, I have to ration out my power plugs... bienvenue a l'Angleterre)

Sadly, because they delivered the wardrobe "this afternoon" (by which I, of course, mean 7:30PM), I wasn't able to go out to enjoy Bonfire Night - well, I could still go out, but most of the fireworks shows either started at 7:30 or will start in, oh, seven minutes - not even enough time for me to make to the train station, much less up to Battersea Park or Streatham. I can hear the booming and blasts all around me - earlier, someone must've shot off something pretty spectacular nearby, since the whole window turned bright white for a moment. (I thought a floodlight had turned on out in the Close, only to remember that there aren't any floods that large out there) Instead, I shall make myself a congratulatory mug of mulled red wine (I finally remembered to pick up some ground cloves) and revel in the Sweet Taste of VICTORY!!!

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